Mark Few was been suspended till further notice due to…

Mark Few and his coaching team possess a strong history of guiding their players toward success both in college and in the professional basketball arena. Gonzaga stands out among just nine universities with a noteworthy presence in the NBA, boasting ten active players, five of whom rank among the league’s top earners. Since 2019, eight former Bulldogs have been selected in the NBA draft, six of them in the prestigious first round. Even those drafted in the second round, such as Andrew Nembhard and Filip Petrusev, have achieved notable success; Nembhard secured the most lucrative second-round contract in NBA history, while Petrusev earned recognition as the MVP of the ABA League at a young age of 21.

The impact of Gonzaga players transcends mere participation in the NBA; they actively contribute to their teams’ victories. In the 2024 NBA Playoffs and Play-In Tournament, six former Gonzaga players with substantial game time this season are making their mark. Notably, Chet Holmgren and Domantas Sabonis are among the select few NBA players who both played and started in all 82 games of the season.

At the collegiate level, Gonzaga’s success is fueled by roster stability. The program’s ability to recruit players who value long-term development aligns with the coaching staff’s vision, setting Gonzaga apart from other programs. Aside from a few brief stints, many of Gonzaga’s standout players, such as Dan Dickau, Adam Morrison, Kelly Olynyk, Domantas Sabonis, and Corey Kispert, honed their skills over multiple seasons before achieving first-round draft status.

ROOT Sports commentator Richard Fox recently discussed Gonzaga’s distinctive approach to player development and recruitment on an episode of Gonzaga Nation.

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