breaking news: Condolence messages from Warrington residents included in tributes to Rob Burrow……..

Condolence messages from Warrington residents have been added to the heartfelt tributes for rugby league icon Rob Burrow at Headingley Stadium. Fans have been gathering at the stadium, where Burrow became a legend, since the sad announcement of his death on Sunday.

Thousands of flowers, rugby shirts, and messages have been laid in memory of the late Leeds Rhinos player, who courageously battled motor neurone disease. Burrow, 41, was diagnosed with MND in 2019, two years after retiring from the sport.

Roxy and Rob Jones have offered to transport flowers and tributes from Warrington to Headingley for those wishing to pay their respects. The couple waited outside Halliwell Jones Stadium between 4 pm and 5:30 pm on Tuesday to collect the flowers before driving to Leeds.

“There were many people from other clubs,” said Rob, who was moved by the tributes. “I felt proud to be there for ourselves and for the people of Warrington too. I would go again today if I could.”

Roxy and Rob collected 15 bunches of flowers, including bouquets featuring the Warrington Wolves logo, and several letters from fans. Hats and tops from The Wire were also placed among tributes from other clubs and fans.

One message from a Warrington Wolves fan at Headingley highlighted Burrow’s impact: “He inspired me to keep fighting my mental health, even though he never knew it. His grit and determination as a player and in fighting MND for four and a half years, combined with his positivity and humor, inspired me to keep fighting my mental health.”

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