ESPN review: heats legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar annouces his return to the Miami Heats after he has been……

In 2020, basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar revealed his ongoing battle with prostate cancer, which he had been fighting since his diagnosis 11 years prior. Recently, another icon, Alonzo Mourning, shared his own cancer journey through an ESPN interview. The Miami Heat legend received support from the basketball community, which was overjoyed when Mourning announced he was cancer-free. Previously, Mourning had been diagnosed with another condition that ended his 16-year career.

Mourning discussed his experience with Adrian Wojnarowski, encouraging other men to get screened. “There are 3.3 million men living in the U.S. with prostate cancer, many of whom are unaware of it. I was one of those men,” he stated after undergoing a prostate removal procedure in mid-March. Subsequent tests confirmed that the cancer had not spread beyond the prostate capsule.

As the VP of Player Development for the Heat, Mourning also addressed why men’s health issues are often considered taboo. The Heat’s official Instagram page honored Mourning with a post saying, “By sharing his Stage 3 prostate cancer diagnosis, @iamzo33 is urging men to get routine checkups to prevent ‘silent killers’ before it’s too late.”

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