NFL REVIEW: Bengals most talented player announces his departure from Cincinnati Bengals to……

CINCINNATI — Joe Burrow missed the Bengals’ open media workout on Tuesday due to a routine rest day.

Burrow has experienced numerous injuries throughout his NFL career, and Cincinnati is making efforts to prevent any potential soft-tissue injuries.

“We’ve given Joe a day off every week,” Taylor said. “I didn’t time this up great. I kind of thought you guys were here yesterday, so he threw yesterday and today’s his day off. Just trying to be preventative for me.”

The star quarterback is steadily recovering from his wrist surgery and is expected to handle a full workload during Training Camp next month.

“If you ask him, he’s going to be out here every day, and that’s part of the problem,” Taylor concluded. “Defending the player from himself.”

Watch Taylor’s full post-practice interview in the video below:

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