He is coming back again: Former Tennessee Vols quarterback Joe Milton announces his return back to Tennessee Vols after his…..

Former Tennessee Vols quarterback Joe Milton, selected by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the 2024 NFL Draft, made some remarks on Tuesday that UT head coach Josh Heupel and his staff would be pleased to hear.

During a discussion with reporters at the Patriots minicamp, Milton talked about how well Tennessee prepared him for the NFL.

“Tennessee really teaches you to grow up quickly,” Milton said. “We had a schedule similar to what we have here—everything done in the morning with the afternoons mostly free, except for rookie player development meetings. But besides that, Tennessee sets you up for the NFL. They teach you time management, taking care of your body, and studying effectively. You need to be ready because, at Tennessee, we ran a fast-paced offense. You have to know where everyone is and what they’re doing. It’s the same here; you need to understand everyone’s roles and be able to lead in the huddle. No matter where you go, Tennessee prepares you for success.”

There has been a narrative over the last three years suggesting that Tennessee’s offense doesn’t translate to the NFL. While there are significant differences between Tennessee’s offensive strategies and those of NFL teams (as is the case with many college programs), UT also prepares players in other crucial ways.

Mastering time management, film study, and body care through nutrition and training are essential skills for future NFL players. Milton’s comments on Tuesday indicate that he feels ready for the NFL (as much as a rookie can be), thanks to his time with the Volunteers.

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