A crucial metric that highlights Alec Bohm’s remarkable development as a hitter

Alec Bohm has shown significant progress since his highly anticipated debut in 2020, where he boasted an impressive .338 batting average in just 44 games. While his offense has experienced fluctuations due to adjustments to major league pitching, his fielding initially left something to be desired.

Bohm’s trajectory took a turn early on with his memorable “I f***ing hate this place” game in April 2022, marked by three throwing errors. Since then, Bohm has made strides at third base and has improved defensively.

One crucial factor contributing to Bohm’s evolution as a hitter is his league-leading 22 doubles in 2024. He has developed a power stroke, confidently squaring up pitches to pull and driving the ball into the gaps. Heading into Friday’s game, he boasts a slash line of .308/.366/.493 with 47 RBIs, ranking second in the NL.

Bohm’s success in consistently pulling the ball to center and left-center field at higher exit velocities than previous seasons is notable. His pull rate has increased to 35.7 percent from 28.3 percent in 2023.

Bohm has secured the starting third baseman position for the National League in this year’s mid-summer classic in Arlington, Texas, showcasing his maturity and earning admiration in Philadelphia as part of the Phillies Daycare squad. Additionally, his personality has endeared him to fans, with glimpses of his more light-hearted side, especially in stories about him and Brandon Marsh becoming roommates.

With Trea Turner sidelined due to a hamstring injury for most of May, the Phillies have relied on Bohm’s production, particularly in the cleanup spot, where he has excelled with a .390 batting average with runners in scoring position (RISP).

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