sad to leave:  Caitlin Clark announce to be leaving after the match due to…..

Amid the drama surrounding the start of her WNBA career, Caitlin Clark opened up about her life situation. The 22-year-old spoke to reporters as the Indiana Fever returned to practice after a four-day break.

Clark revealed his day-to-day, what he does during his time off in Indiana. You wouldn’t expect Caitlin to have fun like this.

The two-time College Player of the Year, who left Iowa as the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer, hasn’t had the best start in the WNBA, posting just two wins in her first 11 starts as a pro.

On the other hand, she has not had a ‘sweet’ welcome to the professional league at all, as she has been treated violently by some of her rivals. The last case was when Chenney Cartercame at Clark’s back in a controversial play without the ball.

Immediately following this controversial foul by Carter, her Sky teammate Angel Reese greeted her on the bench with a smile on her face as she celebrated her foul on Caitlin

Caitlin is struggling to adjust to the professional league, facing poor shooting percentages, exhaustion and becoming the target of the wrath of opponents looking to bully the rookie.

The Fever’s first few games under Clark have made it clear that Indiana has a long way to go to challenge the best teams in the WNBA

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