Michigan wide receiver Roman Wilson (1) celebrates a touchdown against UNLV during the second half at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023.

Roman Wilson of Michigan Explains His Decision

Roman Wilson, a senior wide receiver, has emerged as Michigan’s top target this season. The Wolverines are just one victory away from winning their first national championship since 1997 in large part due to Wilson’s output.

Wilson spoke with the media on Saturday about the impending game against Washington and his decision to attend Michigan after high school.

ROMAN WILSON: There is no denying that Washington is a top team. They kind of jog my memory of this team and the foundation upon which they stand. Many guys who will stop at nothing to help win a game. They play with so much energy that they fly around the field. They transfer the momentum from the offense to the defense and the defense to the offense when they make huge plays. They are excellent, and I believe our matchup will be fruitful.

Rome and I do not really communicate. He is a really, really respectable, humble guy that I met a while back, though I may have said something like “congrats” at the time. Very good. You know, even though we have not spoken much since we first met, I still consider him to be a very good friend.

How is the defensive philosophy and game plan different against Washington than they are against Alabama? Do you play this game in a very different way?

ROMAN WILSON: I think we have a lot of options for whatever the defense throws at us, regardless of who we play or the matchup. Using the resources they provide, we will search for big plays. In the game, we anticipate many guys to make huge plays.

When you leaped over the goal line in the end zone, what was going through your mind?

ROMAN WILSON: Anyone could have arrived there after a two-minute drive. That play happened on what I believe to be second down. It was a great feeling to be able to cross the end zone and tie the game for our team, and I felt pretty confident that if that play did not work, I would come back with another one. I also had complete faith in the coaches and players to get us into the end zone. I consider myself extremely fortunate and fortunate.


ROMAN WILSON: No way—I never imagined that I would be the one to make big plays, but you know, I am not really surprised, you know, because of who I am, how I was raised, and how I think and process information. I work really hard and get ready for these games, so you can be sure that I will take advantage of my opportunity.

ROMANA WILSON This NIL program is good, in my opinion. It seems to me that the emphasis is more on player development, winning games, national titles, and shaping players’ lives—not just on the football field, but throughout their entire lives. One thing, in my opinion about NIL, is that I think you forget what your primary motivation for attending college was. You know, my intention when I entered college was never to acquire or hold a lot of money; rather, I wanted to use college as a chance to improve my life, and I think Michigan does a fantastic job of that.

 I am from Hawaii, and I was wondering what kind of pride you have in being from there and representing it?

ROMAN WILSON: Growing up in Hawaii is a unique experience, so yes, quite a bit, man. Additionally, I feel as though the entire island is behind me because of our bond. Every child from that area supports them, and I walk around feeling proud of myself and aware that I get to represent my hometown. Furthermore, it differs from other places where people grow up. I have a great sense of pride in being the only one, and I carry the title with me everywhere I go. No matter what I accomplish in life, that is who I am and where I am from.

ROMAN WILSON: What a nice guy he was. Reminds me a lot of Semaj Morgan, really; a guy who always manages to lighten the mood and tell a lot of jokes, not to mention that he is a really good athlete. He is a great guy to have around them, so my only regret is that he is not still on this team. Thus far, our interactions with him have all been favorable. I adore that man.

ROMAN WILSON: I spoke with them, so you know it was a little surprising, but he believed that was the best course of action for him, and if he believes that, then I also agree with him.

I would not say it is a single route, Roman Wilson. It seems like it is just a matter of finding an opening, making it simple for him, and doing everything within my power to set him up for success. That, in my opinion, is where the trust and chemistry originate.

ROMANA WILSON Are you referring to Tui? Yes, Tui and I played. He is awesome. He was one of those guys on the team who was like the highly-rated recruit when I was younger, so you know, he kind of opened the door and led us and showed us, you know, this is possible, this is a thing you can do, come here and play football, and go to the next level, and do good. And for me, having him as a role model meant a lot, and seeing him attend UW and pursue his dream made it much easier for me to want to do the same.

ROMAN WILSON: The defense at UW is excellent. They play with a great deal of physical effort and energy, flying across the field. Go ahead and accept whatever they give us; we will take it. and we are going to exert every effort to win this match.

The media day completes a circle. You added that there is unresolved business. Strongly insistent on that.

ROMAN WILSON: There is no denying that the pressure and intensity are increasing as the National Championship game progresses from the outside. However, I think this team and these coaches do an excellent job of keeping our attention on the next game and not worrying about what is in front of us. That, in my opinion, has greatly aided me in keeping my attention on the game, not exaggerating its importance, and simply going out there and trying my hardest.


ROMAN WILSON: Well, while I was in Hawaii, I did not travel too much. I recall that the same week, after visiting UCLA and Cal and receiving their love, I went to Oregon, Michigan, Cal, and then UCLA in that order. You know that when I moved to Michigan and saw the facilities—the weight room, the training room, the field, the second field, and the grass field—my love changed. And everything they displayed to me was like, “This is where I want to be, and this is what I want.” When I arrived at Michigan and saw everything they put into the process, it really stood out to me that I wanted to do everything in my power to improve my body, mind, and academic standing as well as my football career and understanding of the game.

Who on the team is the strongest guy?

ROMAN WILSON: I believe Trente, Kris Jenkins, and Kris are involved. I have seen him throw some ridiculously large weights—he is like a Turkish getup with a 200-pound dumbbell—and it is just plain crazy to watch him pick up and carry that much weight. That is insane—like, one hand holding 200 pounds or more—that is unreal.

Which guy is the fastest?

ROMAN WILSON: I will say myself. I know I will always say myself, but are there any other guys on the team? Kechaun, Eamonn, are there? Junior seems to have feelings for a bigger guy. He is also incredibly fast.

ROMAN WILSON: There is no denying the uniqueness of these receivers. He is wearing a large, old hat when you turn the camera around. We are that kind of group, so I do not blame him; I was wearing it earlier. You know, these guys are really good too, and we would be having a great time cracking jokes in the meeting room at practice. I therefore simply enjoy being with them.

How would you explain playing for a national title to those who will never have the opportunity to be in your position?

ROMAN WILSON: Dude, this is crazy. The sheer volume of people who watch and follow us, as well as the support we receive from Michigan alone. It is not real. It is a huge blessing, you know. I like to tell myself that this team aspires to be the leader of the leaders because that is what I think it takes to be a leader in the group.

ROMAN WILSON: In my opinion, donning a jersey like that makes it unique. No matter what team you are on or who you are playing for, you want to always be the best player wearing that number—the greatest number 1, number 0, number 6—on the field.

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