Josh Heupel is optimistic about the Tennessee Volunteers’ prospects under the new College Football Playoff (CFP) format.

While he may not be standing at the podium weekly to analyze the Tennessee Volunteers’ recent performances, head coach Josh Heupel remains actively engaged during the offseason, offering insights into the program’s potential. He recently participated in the University of Tennessee’s “Everything Orange” podcast, discussing next season’s team, internal expectations, and more.

One significant topic he emphasized was the expansion of the College Football Playoff. Starting in 2024, the field will expand to twelve teams, a significant increase from the previous four-team format. Heupel highlighted that the expanded field opens up more opportunities, indicating their intention to compete for postseason berths consistently. Since joining the university, Heupel has been steadfast in his belief that they have the necessary resources to achieve this goal, establishing a high standard within the program.

“I am enthusiastic about our identity and the potential we possess within this program. I eagerly anticipate the start of next fall when we kick off the football season. Tennessee is a program poised to contend for postseason positions every year.” – Josh Heupel on the expanded College Football Playoff

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