Brad Holmes, the General Manager of the Lions, is present at the Alabama Pro Day.

Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes doesn’t typically frequent many pro days for draft prospects, but one particular Southeastern Conference school attracted the attention of several NFL GMs and head coaches.

Reports indicate that five general managers, including representatives from the Lions, Steelers, Bills, Titans, and Packers, were in attendance at the Alabama pro day. Moreover, head coaches from the Raiders, Cowboys, Steelers, and Titans were observed closely watching the workouts of numerous draft prospects from the Crimson Tide.

Cornerback Kool-Aid McKinstry particularly stood out to everyone present by posting a speedy 40-yard dash time ranging from 4.43 to 4.47, hand-timed.

McKinstry shared his experience, expressing surprise at not feeling any pain in his foot despite the presence of a stone, indicating his resilience and faith in following a divine plan for his life.

Given the uncertainty surrounding Cam Sutton’s position on the Lions’ roster, acquiring a player of McKinstry’s caliber could significantly bolster Detroit’s secondary.

McKinstry himself exudes confidence in his abilities, stating his versatility and adaptability to different roles on the field, along with his consistency and mentality, set him apart as an athlete.

It’s worth noting that no Lions coaches attended the pro day held at Texas.

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