A prospective draft target for the Bengals doesn’t engage in full participation at the Alabama Pro Day.

In Cincinnati, Alabama offensive tackle JC Latham is anticipated to be selected within the top 25 picks of the 2024 NFL Draft, with many mock drafts projecting him to be taken in the top 15.

The Bengals may consider targeting Latham with the No. 18 pick if he remains available. However, their assessment of his athletic abilities is hindered by his decision not to participate in any athletic testing during Alabama’s Pro Day on Wednesday.

Despite skipping the athletic tests, Latham did take part in field drills for coaches and scouts in attendance. Standing at 6-6 and weighing 346 pounds, he joins Cedric Ogbuehi, Billy Price, and Jackson Carman on the list of Bengals offensive linemen who opted out of athletic testing during the pre-draft process. Notably, Ogbuehi and Price were both first-round picks, while Carman was selected in the second round.

While Latham has the potential to become a standout player, the absence of data on his athleticism raises concerns. Although he appeared promising during field drills, not having information on his athletic performance in comparison to other prospects in his class is viewed as a drawback.

Many observers express disappointment at the lack of athletic testing for Latham, as it would have provided valuable insights into his overall abilities, even if he excelled in field drills.

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