The manager of Gers witnessed goals from Mia McAulay, Rachel Rowe, Rio Hardy, and Liv McLoughlin secure victory against Partick Thistle at Tynecastle.

This ensured that the Light Blues successfully defended the Sky Sports Cup they claimed last season, and Potter is determined not to be content with just one triumph.

In an interview with RangersTV, she expressed, “It will take some time for me to process my feelings. It’s my inaugural trophy as a manager, and it was crucial for us to hoist the trophy today. Winning my first trophy holds special significance for me.”

Reflecting on personal achievements, Potter added, “You often don’t dwell on personal milestones until someone brings them up. It’s gratifying, and I hope it’s the first of many achievements at this esteemed club.”

She emphasized the significance of the victory to the players, noting, “You can sense the importance to the players. It was Rowe’s debut in a final, and she scored an impressive goal. Rio also made her mark by scoring in a final. While some players have previously lifted this trophy, it doesn’t diminish the joy – you can see how much it means to them.”

Despite the success, Potter highlighted the team’s hunger for further accomplishments, stating, “We recognize there’s more work ahead, but our appetite for success remains strong. Our season has been outstanding thus far, and following last week’s setback, this victory couldn’t have come at a better time. Securing our first silverware sets the tone for what we hope will be a season filled with many triumphs.”

McAulay’s initial goal was nullified by Rachel Donaldson before Rowe’s exceptional shot reclaimed the lead for the Gers. Hardy’s impressive finish extended the lead to 3-1 before halftime, with McLoughlin sealing a comprehensive victory.

Potter commended her players for their reaction to Thistle’s goal, emphasizing that the entire squad deserves recognition for securing the trophy, regardless of their involvement in the final match.

She remarked, “The dedication we’ve shown and the remarkable performances we’ve delivered, despite some key players missing during crucial moments, highlight our resilience. Other team members stepped up admirably.”

Potter noted the collective effort, stating, “It was evident that everyone elevated their game, resulting in some remarkable goals. It was well-deserved for us to claim the trophy.”

She added, “We displayed good character, and Thistle’s goal injected energy into the game. It spurred us on, and we knew we had to raise our performance.”

Impressed by her team’s management of the game, Potter said, “I was particularly impressed with our game management. Although the players might feel they could have scored more, leaving the final with a 4-1 victory and a strong performance makes me immensely proud.”

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