Celtic fire off SFA missive over Rangers penalty with fears John Beaton wasn’t given proper footage

Celtic has reached out to the SFA seeking clarification regarding the controversial penalty incident involving Rangers’ Fabio Silva, as they firmly believe that referee John Beaton was not provided with all the relevant information. The leadership at Celtic is concerned about the VAR footage that was presented to Beaton for review following his decision to issue a yellow card to the Rangers player for simulation during Sunday’s intense match at Ibrox. They assert that the footage shown to Beaton did not capture the moment when Alistair Johnston made contact with the ball just before Silva collided with his extended leg.

The VAR footage aired by Sky Sports did not include the initial challenge in slow motion. According to IFAB regulations, a penalty can still be awarded if the defending player makes initial contact with the ball, and if the officials determine that the challenge was careless, reckless, or involved excessive force.

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