Settlements in Celtic Boys Club sexual abuse cases could reach millions.

According to solicitors, there has been significant advancement in Celtic’s efforts to resolve legal claims regarding historical abuse, with the potential settlement amounting to millions of pounds as per BBC reports.

Over 20 ex-players have initiated a class action lawsuit against the club for compensation.

Celtic had expressed its intention to resolve these cases in September.

Thompsons Solicitors has now stated that the assessment of all cases has progressed over the past six months.

A representative mentioned, “We currently lack the complete evidence required to start settlement talks, so the court has granted an additional four months to facilitate this process, acknowledging its complexity.”

In recent times, multiple former coaches and officials of the club have been found guilty of sexually abusing teenage players over several decades.

Last year, a judge approved the initiation of a class action lawsuit, resembling the US model, against Celtic concerning alleged abuses at Celtic Boys Club.

Established in 1966 as a feeder team for the senior Celtic side, the boys’ club had close associations with the senior club, sharing players, staff, and facilities.

While Celtic has maintained it bears no responsibility as the boys’ club was a separate entity, lawyers representing the former players argue that the two clubs were closely linked, making the senior club accountable for the assaults committed.

The litigation revolves around historical allegations of sexual abuse involving convicted offenders Jim Torbett, the Boys Club founder, and Frank Cairney, a former coach.

Celtic has stated that it continues discussions with the victims’ legal representatives.

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