Jason Kelce was unaware of being disliked by an NFL legend who feared he would negatively impact the game.

Jason Kelce wrapped up his NFL tenure spanning 13 seasons, known for his character as one of the league’s esteemed figures. As the center for the Philadelphia Eagles, he bid farewell with six All-Pro selections and a Super Bowl victory, commended for his steady contributions to Philadelphia’s offensive line. Nevertheless, it seems that Kelce wasn’t universally revered within the NFL, as indicated by remarks from another retired standout.

In a recent podcast interview, Aaron Donald recounted the difficulties he encountered whenever his Los Angeles Rams clashed with Kelce’s Eagles, revealing his aversion to facing the imposing #62 in Philadelphia’s iconic midnight green.

Donald expressed strong disdain towards Kelce and the city of Philadelphia.

Donald, widely recognized as one of the most dominant defensive linemen of his era and a future Pro Football Hall of Famer like Kelce, expressed on the “Green Light” podcast with Chris Long that few opposing linemen posed the challenges Kelce did.

“I detested facing Philly,” Donald remarked. “Kelce, with his agile speed, always dashed full-throttle — snapping the ball and immediately charging.”

Despite making eight All-Pro teams and registering sacks against nearly every team in his decade-long career, Donald struggled against the New York Jets (whom he faced twice) and the Eagles, who limited him to one tackle for loss and six quarterback hits in five encounters. Kelce played a crucial role in neutralizing Donald’s impact, as the Pittsburgh native disclosed.

“I’d tell him, ‘Hey, you’ve got some talented guards. Let them handle it. You don’t have to assist them every time,'” Donald recounted. “But he’d respond, ‘We won’t let you spoil the game.'”

Out of the five matchups between Donald’s Rams and Kelce’s Eagles, Philadelphia emerged victorious in four — potentially contributing to Donald’s lingering resentment. However, Donald made it clear that he respected Kelce for accomplishing what few other linemen could: impeding his progress. Ultimately, both men earned Super Bowl triumphs and enjoyed illustrious careers, providing ample reasons for celebration despite their opposing roles on the field.

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