Adam Morrison believes that Anton Watson has genuine potential to succeed as a professional basketball player.

Attempting to convey the immense significance of Anton Watson’s contributions to the Gonzaga men’s basketball program over the past five years is a daunting task. Hailing from Spokane, he has etched his name among the most successful players in the program’s history, achieving a career stat line unmatched by any other player. With over 1,400 points, 700 rebounds, 200 assists, and 215 steals, Watson’s impact transcends mere numbers. His postseason record is remarkable, featuring numerous deep runs in tournaments and setting a record for steals in the NCAA Tournament.

However, his versatility and selflessness go beyond statistics. Transitioning from various roles throughout his career, from starter to defensive specialist to offensive focal point, Watson epitomized adaptability. Despite sharing the spotlight with future NBA talents, he consistently prioritized team success over personal acclaim.

In his final season, Watson assumed a more significant offensive role, showcasing his scoring prowess while maintaining defensive excellence. Despite his increased offensive responsibilities, he remained a defensive stalwart, adeptly handling opponents’ best players.

Reflecting on his final season, Watson’s basketball intelligence, positional understanding, and passing skills shine through. Acting as a primary playmaker alongside other guards, he facilitated scoring opportunities for teammates, particularly in the post.

While conventional statistics only partially capture Watson’s impact, advanced metrics underscore his importance to the team’s success. His exceptional offensive rating and Bayesian Performance Rating, placing him among the nation’s elite players, highlight his all-around excellence.

Even with his impressive skill set, there’s room for improvement, notably in his three-point shooting. Although efficient from beyond the arc, expanding his range could enhance his NBA Draft prospects, particularly as a versatile forward capable of stretching the floor.

In sum, Watson’s legacy extends far beyond his on-court achievements, embodying the essence of a true team player and leaving an indelible mark on Gonzaga basketball.

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