“If Wayne gets to decide, he opts for Parramatta”: The looming presence of Wayne Bennett creates tension as Brad Arthur battles to keep his coaching position with the Eels.

Brad Arthur faces imminent dismissal if he fails to reverse the Eels’ disappointing start to the season, compounded by the looming presence of Wayne Bennett casting a shadow over his position. The team, which reached the Grand Final just two years ago, has now plummeted to 14th place, marking the club’s extended championship dry spell since 1986.

Questions arise regarding Arthur’s capability to lead the Eels to a long-awaited title, especially considering their minimal success over the past decade, with only one Grand Final appearance. Dean Ritchie of The Daily Telegraph suggests Arthur is on the brink of being sacked if he cannot swiftly improve the team’s performance. Similarly, NRL commentator Paul Kent emphasizes the urgency for Arthur and the Eels to rectify their situation, particularly with their key player, the halfback, sidelined due to injury.

Kent warns that Parramatta’s season could spiral out of control if they don’t address their issues promptly, especially during the absence of Mitch Moses. He highlights the potential dire consequences if the team faces a string of losses while Moses is unavailable. Furthermore, Arthur’s coaching tenure, which spans 259 games without securing a premiership, ranks among the top five longest in NRL history without championship success.

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