Prominent NBA analyst advocates for MVP recognition for Knicks standout Jalen Brunson, criticizing those who limit his stature to just a top 30 player.

Amidst another impressive season for the New York Knicks, renowned NBA expert and podcast host JJ Redick recently advocated for increased recognition for All-Star point guard Jalen Brunson in the 2023-24 season.

As the Knicks secure a playoff berth for the second consecutive year and vie for the third seed in the competitive Eastern Conference, Brunson has played a pivotal role. Despite the outstanding performances from other players on the roster and the coaching prowess of Tom Thibodeau, Brunson has been a consistent force throughout the season, guiding the team to its best record since a decade ago when they won 54 games.

Even in the absence of key players like Mitchell Robinson, Julius Randle, or OG Anunoby due to injuries, Brunson ensured that the team remained competitive, never slipping below fifth in the conference standings. However, despite his remarkable contributions, Brunson has often been overlooked in the NBA MVP conversation compared to players like Nikola Jokic or Luka Doncic.

Redick, during an episode of his podcast “The Old Man and the Three,” emphasized why Brunson should be considered one of the league’s top players. Redick stated, “Jalen Brunson probably doesn’t make first-team All-NBA this year [but] he’s got a pretty strong case to be second-team All-NBA. And if you look at basketball reference and all their advanced stats, this is a top 10 to 12 player in the NBA this season. I think there’s a legitimate buzz around him, maybe creeping in the top five of the MVP voting. He’s been that good this year. He was phenomenal last year, he’s been even better this year.”

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