Raiders’ new arrival, Cody Whitehair, brings a solid grasp of Luke Getsy’s offensive system.

Throughout the offseason, there was a prevailing sense that Cody Whitehair would be a natural fit for the Raiders. Despite his consistent performance over eight years, he was notably absent from top free agent lists. This raised questions for me, prompting me to consult a Bears reporter for insights. Their response mirrored my puzzlement.

Whitehair’s recent performance had dipped slightly, coupled with minor injury setbacks. However, these issues weren’t significant, and his playing level remained on par with or better than some other players who became free agents without hesitation from their teams. Primarily, his $10 million salary wasn’t commensurate with his performance, leading to his release.

The Raiders’ hiring of former Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy made Whitehair an obvious choice for signing. As of the first report day, Whitehair is already in the fold, poised to aid the Raiders’ offensive line in adapting to their new system.

Andre James expressed excitement about Whitehair’s addition, highlighting the benefits of having someone familiar with the offense and scheme, particularly in the offensive line unit. Whitehair previously played left guard in Getsy’s wide zone blocking scheme during their time together in Chicago, showcasing his versatility across multiple positions in the offensive line.

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