The frightening incident involving Mika Zibanejad serves as a clear warning for the Rangers as they chase the Stanley Cup.

This served as a stark reminder of how precarious the journey for the Stanley Cup can be. It highlighted the inability to shield the Rangers from potential mishaps until the playoffs commence. It underscored the ever-present threat of disaster, whether through a stray slap shot causing unintended harm or an unexpected collision wreaking havoc.

The Rangers appeared to narrowly dodge a major setback during their game on Tuesday against the Islanders, as Mika Zibanejad seemingly avoided a concussion despite a scary fall onto the ice. Following a collision with Adam Pelech midway through the third period, Zibanejad lay motionless for a worrying moment before eventually returning to the bench. Head coach Peter Laviolette, visibly upset during his postgame remarks, strongly suggested that Pelech’s hit on Zibanejad was deliberate, expressing his belief that it was an intentional blow to the head.

Laviolette’s comments pointed to the severity of the situation, emphasizing that the impact of an injury to a Ranger at this stage of the season extends beyond mere standings points. While the loss to the Islanders narrowed the Blueshirts’ lead in the division to three points following Carolina’s win over Boston, they still maintained a three-point advantage over the Bruins in the conference standings.

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