The Colts’ approach to the offseason is increasing the pressure on Anthony Richardson.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Colts aim to alleviate pressure on Anthony Richardson, a sentiment reiterated consistently this offseason. While recognizing his potential, particularly highlighted by moments of brilliance, the team’s decision-makers, led by general manager Chris Ballard, emphasize the importance of allowing Richardson room to develop.

Ballard cautioned against expecting immediate greatness, acknowledging that Richardson is still in a phase of growth. However, despite external expectations, the Colts’ offseason strategy is placing a considerable burden on Richardson.

Indianapolis is entrusting Richardson with the responsibility of elevating the team’s performance to new heights. Despite facing challenges last season, such as the absence of Richardson and star running back Jonathan Taylor, the Colts managed to compete effectively.

With aspirations heightened, the Colts openly express confidence in their potential for success. Despite Ballard’s usual patience, he envisions the team competing strongly for divisional titles and playoff spots.

Linebacker Zaire Franklin echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the urgency to seize opportunities for success now. However, the Colts’ offseason moves have primarily focused on retaining existing talent rather than making significant external acquisitions.

While retaining key players was crucial, it doesn’t necessarily signify an improvement in the team’s capabilities. Ballard acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding the potential impact of draft picks and the development of current players. This reliance on internal growth places considerable pressure on Richardson, as well as Taylor.

The Colts’ offensive strategy for 2024 necessitates increased explosiveness, particularly in the passing game. Richardson is tasked with facilitating this improvement, alongside expectations for enhancing the running game, led by Taylor.

Although Richardson possesses significant potential, his limited NFL experience adds to the challenge. The Colts selected him early in the draft based on their belief in his capabilities, yet the offseason approach implies an urgency for immediate results, contrary to public statements advocating patience.

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