Jayson Tatum reflects on his inaugural playoff triple-double: ‘An Exquisite Performance’

In the opening game of the series against the Miami Heat at TD Garden on Sunday, Jayson Tatum consistently capitalized on the visitors’ decision to double-team him. This reflected his approach throughout the regular season, where he prioritized making the right passes and punishing opposing teams with his playmaking abilities.

Whenever Miami focused on stopping Tatum’s scoring, it often resulted in open three-point shots for Sam Hauser, who had his best playoff performance with 12 points and four successful three-pointers out of six attempts.

Tatum’s ability to exploit the Heat’s defensive strategy played a crucial role in setting up his teammates early in the game, allowing the Celtics to establish a lead.

Kristaps Porzingis praised Tatum’s performance, emphasizing his unselfish play and contribution to the team’s overall success.

Despite Miami’s efforts to contain him, including using their zone defense, Tatum still managed to lead the Celtics in scoring with 23 points.

Joe Mazzulla commended Tatum’s patience and decision-making, highlighting his ability to read the defense and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Tatum’s triple-double in Game 1, which included 10 rebounds, marked a significant milestone in his playoff career and solidified his place in Celtics history alongside legends like Larry Bird and Rajon Rondo.

Tatum attributed his success to a simple approach of making the right plays and capitalizing on mismatches, while also acknowledging the importance of surrounding himself with capable shooters.

As the Heat prepare for Game 2, Tatum’s dual threat as a scorer and facilitator poses a significant challenge, elevating the performance of both himself and his teammates and leaving Miami scrambling for effective counterstrategies.

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