Jean-Fran├žois Houle is eager to return for the next season.

The Laval Rocket’s season concluded sadly last night, with the Montreal Canadiens’ affiliate playing a game that held little significance for them following a loss on Friday night. It’s disappointing to see the Rocket miss out on the playoffs, which would have greatly aided the development of the young players in Laval.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done about it. The team’s poor start to the season and dropped points towards the end ultimately led to their downfall.

Now, the Rocket is essentially on hiatus, with only the end-of-season review remaining, currently underway at Place Bell. Head coach Jean-Fran├žois Houle was the first to address the media. Notably, he’s not under contract for the next season but is keen on staying with the club. Houle expressed his uncertainty about his contractual situation but mentioned that discussions will occur soon. He’s unaware of the organization’s intentions regarding him.

Houle genuinely enjoys working with the team and the organization, expressing a desire to continue the work he has initiated. However, he remains uncertain about management’s intentions and hopes for positive discussions in the near future.

Although Houle wasn’t able to lead the club to the playoffs, as management likely aimed for, he faced numerous challenges throughout the season. He had to navigate the introduction and playing time of several young and inexperienced players, as per management’s directives, which presented its own set of difficulties.

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