Are the Washington Commanders focused on selecting quarterback Jayden Daniels in the NFL Draft?

The debate over which quarterback the Washington Commanders will pick in the first round of the NFL Draft will continue until the selection is announced on Thursday night. Despite rumors favoring quarterback Jayden Daniels as the Commanders’ top choice, skeptics continue to dismiss these claims, with little evidence suggesting North Carolina’s Drake Maye as a serious contender.

However, beyond the usual uncertainty surrounding draft predictions, there’s scant indication that Washington is leaning towards Maye over Daniels at the second overall pick. Until Daniels officially dons a Commanders hat and jersey on draft day, the outcome remains uncertain.

Recent speculation suggests a strong inclination towards Daniels within the Washington coaching staff. According to 33rd Team’s Ari Meirov, there’s a prevailing belief that Daniels is the frontrunner for the Commanders’ pick. Unlike other teams like Chicago, which only brought in USC’s Caleb Williams for a top-30 visit, Washington has thoroughly evaluated all quarterback prospects and involved various stakeholders, including ownership and former NBA executive Bob Myers, in the decision-making process. While not confirmed, the fact that insiders like ESPN’s Adam Schefter and The Athletic’s Dane Brugler have joined the discussion about Daniels adds credibility to the possibility of him being selected.

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