WATCH | Oilers’ Connor McDavid Bothered by Fans While Buying Beer

Edmonton Oilers captain and star forward Connor McDavid was harassed by fans while buying beer after the team advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Following the Oilers’ victory over the Dallas Stars in Game 6, which secured their place in the Stanley Cup Finals, McDavid was spotted at a store picking up a case of beer. Fans surrounded him and his car as he tried to load the beer and leave.

Oilers After Dark’s Braydon W. tweeted about the incident, showing fans crowding around McDavid and filming him while he attempted to celebrate with beer and then head home.

In the playoffs, McDavid has scored 5 goals and made 26 assists, totaling 31 points in 18 games.

Reactions from NHL fans to the video were mixed. Some, like former NHL player Carlo Colaiacovo, felt McDavid shouldn’t be out in public during a Stanley Cup run, suggesting such tasks should be left to rookies. Others praised McDavid’s composure, while some believed fans had the right to approach and congratulate him.

One fan noted, “McDavid should never be out in public during a Stanley Cup run in Canada picking up beer. That’s the rookies’ job,” while another commented on how well McDavid handled the situation despite the fans being overly familiar.

Conversely, some fans argued that seeing McDavid in public was a rare opportunity to show their appreciation for leading the team to the finals, even if the approach was excessive. They believed it was natural for fans to want to congratulate him.

Opinions varied, with some believing fans were justified in their excitement and others feeling McDavid’s personal space was invaded and the situation could have been handled more respectfully.

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