¬†Kangaroos Coach Mal Meninga Announces End of James Tedesco’s Representative Career Due to Absence

In a surprising turn of events, Kangaroos coach Mal Meninga has declared that James Tedesco’s representative career is effectively over. The announcement comes following Tedesco’s absence from recent key matches, raising questions and concerns within the rugby league community.

Meninga, a revered figure in the rugby league world, expressed his disappointment in a press conference, stating, “James Tedesco has been a pivotal player for us, showcasing exceptional skill and dedication over the years. However, his recent absence has forced us to make some tough decisions about the future composition of the team.”

The specifics of Tedesco’s absence were not disclosed in detail, but sources indicate it may be related to personal or professional commitments that prevented him from participating in crucial games. This development has undoubtedly left fans and fellow players in a state of shock, considering Tedesco’s significant contributions to the Kangaroos’ success.

Meninga’s decision marks the end of an era for Tedesco, who has been a standout performer in representative rugby. His tenure with the Kangaroos has been marked by numerous accolades, including several Man of the Match performances and being a key player in multiple victories.

Reflecting on Tedesco’s career, Meninga added, “James has given his all for the team, and we respect his achievements and contributions. However, the demands of representative rugby are relentless, and we need players who can consistently commit to those demands.


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